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company news about What is PLBUS technology?

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Company News
What is PLBUS technology?
Latest company news about What is PLBUS technology?

PLBUS is a "wired" communication technology for data communication with smart devices through power lines. Because the use of intelligent equipment has power supply line, so there is no need for special wiring, easy implementation, and no need for special line maintenance. In contrast to radio frequency wireless technology, it has communication without blocking and metal shell shielding, without the need for an antenna. PLBUS is also advanced in that its physical layer follows China's national standard for low-voltage power line communication and adopts the most advanced zero-crossing transmission orthogonal multi-carrier digital communication technology, which has a strong ability to resist power line noise and interference and reliable communication. PLBUS is a bus-based communication method that can support thousands of nodes on a power line circuit.


Power line bus architecture

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PLBUS has mature special chip support. PLBUS communication interface chip has embedded high-speed CPU and rich interfaces. Users can carry out secondary application development. Through a single chip, complete communication and control can be realized, saving the cost of external MCU chip. In addition, the chip comes with PWM port, can be directly implemented lighting control.


In addition, the small-size PLBUS power line communication module adopts PLBUS communication interface chip, which can be conveniently embedded into the light controller and the driving power supply of street lamps. Local networking of street lamps can be realized through power line communication, making road lighting more "intelligent". At present, PLBUS communication interface chips and modules have been widely used in city street lighting, tunnel lighting, compartment lighting, port lighting, factory lighting and so on.


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With the promotion of autonomous driving and road cooperation, street lighting on both sides of the road will also be integrated into it. Car networking, lamp connected to the Internet, and the lamp installed a net will become wisdom intelligence traffic in the city, the development trend of street lamp communication effective way, unified is undoubtedly one of the most important one annulus, force and microelectronics as an enterprise of Internet communication chips, willing to pay for transport, wisdom lighting related enterprises to provide the best communication technology and chip support.


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