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company news about This 6G antenna can be connected to countless terminals!

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This 6G antenna can be connected to countless terminals!

The ability to transmit more and more data at faster speeds than currently available is the goal of a new 6G antenna technology being developed by the EU Horizon2020 project Reindeer.


The team includes NXP Semiconductors, Technikon Forschungs-und Planungsgesellschaft and the Technikon Forschungs-und Planungsgesellschaft Institute for Signal Processing and Speech CommunicationMBH (as project coordinator role), etc.


"The world is becoming more and more connected," says Klaus Witrisal, an expert in wireless communications technology and a researcher at Graz Polytechnic University.More and more wireless terminal devices must transmit, receive, and process more and more data -- data throughput is increasing all the time.In the EU Horizon2020 project 'Reindeer' we are working on these developments and on a concept through which real-time data transmission can be extended virtually to infinity."


But how to implement these concepts?Klaus Witrisal described the new strategy: "We want to develop what we call 'RadioWeaves' technology -- an antenna structure that can be installed at any size in any location -- for example in the form of wall tiles or wallpaper.So the entire wall surface can act as an antenna radiator."


With early mobile standards like LTE, UMTS, and now 5G networks, signals are sent through base stations -- infrastructure of antennas that are permanently deployed in a specific place.


If the fixed infrastructure network is denser, throughput (the percentage of data that can be sent and processed within a given time window) will be higher.But today, the base station is at an impasse.


If more wireless terminals are connected to a base station, data transmission becomes slower and more erratic.Using RadioWaves technology prevents this bottleneck situation, "because we can connect any number of terminals, not a set number of terminals."Klaus Witrisal explains.


According to Klaus Witrisal, the technology is not a necessity for households, but for public and industrial facilities, and it offers opportunities far beyond 5G networks.


For example, if 80,000 people in a stadium are equipped with VR goggles and want to watch the decisive goal simultaneously from the perspective of the goal taker, the future use of RadioVeaves can be plugged in simultaneously and can all watch smoothly, he said.


Overall, Klaus Witrisal sees great opportunities for radio-based location technology.The technology has been the focus of his team from Tu Graz.According to the team, RadioVeaves technology can be used to locate cargo to an accuracy of 10 cm."This enables a three-dimensional model of the flow of goods -- from production and logistics to augmented reality at the sales site."He said.


The REINDEE team is preparing to experimentally test the Radioaves technology with the world's first hardware demonstrator in 2024.


Klaus Witrisal summed it up: "6G won't be officially ready until around 2030 -- but when it is, we want to make sure high-speed wireless access happens wherever we need it, whenever we need it."

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